Our Curriculum Goals

Social Skills

The children develop social skills when they play together, learn about themselves and about other people. As they learn to share toys and their personal experiences, they take on roles and find their position in a larger group. Furthermore they also develop tolerance and acceptance toward other cultures and traditions.

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

It's very important to develop these skills through play and gymnastic activities, as well as through art & craft. The offered activities are always suited to a child's developmental level. Therefore we provide indoor and outdoor play equipment that meets the differing developmental needs of all children. This allows them to master their skills one step at a time.

Language Fluency

In our bilingual environment they have the opportunity to learn both English and Hindi language. Through the activity/discovery area they can practice their language skills. Introducing new themes enhances vocabulary and its utility both oral and written thereby providing them with opportunities to use it properly.

These include: informal conversation, talking with peers and adults through the day, songs, rhymes, finger plays, movement activities, read aloud & multifarious activities. Our monthly schedule is based on different themes, which give children a better understanding of the world around them. We try to adapt our themes to the children's interests (for example different animals, shapes, farm land, transportation, etc.).